Palmers is a family owned business, where all family members participate. Addition to our family members we hire 12 warehouse workers and 6 office workers.

Raul Boberg, CEO of Palmers companies - 71 years of age, graduated from the Higher Pedagogical Institute, has a 10 year management experience with Polish construction companies (as the administrative director of Tallinn History Institute), has for 6 years developed and managed furniture factory AS Erak-Puidutööstus. He is the founder on Palmers.

Kristjan Boberg, General Manager of Palmers - 37 years of age, higher education from Estonian Business School (Bachelors degree), has worked in timber industry (assistant director of marketing at AS Erak-Puidutööstus, refresher training in the Finnish chair industry in Jurva (Senkki OY), has worked in England (Balfour Timber Ltd), has studied logistics, client communication and export related documentation.

Rainer BobergGeneral Manager of Palmers - 31 years of age, higher education from Estonian Business School (Bachelors degree), 8 years of work experience in Palmers Group.

Reet Boberg, Technical Secretary - 70 years of age, secondary-special education, for 5 years worked as the technical secretary at Erak-Puidutööstus, for 11 years in Palmers Group.