Leevi series is made of pine, commodes and wardrobes are varnished or stained. Under stain annual ring and knars glitter. On the front part of the drawers places of tenon are seen. Handles and legs turned of timber are used. (Leevi is the first series made by Palmers Group.)

At first this series was sold in the furniture store of Tallinn. It was very well accepted just due to its original appearance (tenons) and legs turned round. Next it was attempted to make this series for the American market but unfortunately the plan was not completed due to high transportation costs.

It would not have been possible to make this series knock-down, as people would have not been able to assemble these products independently at home. The products can be obtained only upon ordering, this series is no longer in mass production.

Leevi 1

Leevi 4

Leevi 3

Leevi 2