Lord series has been made of pine. It includes kitchen, living room, bedroom and hall furniture. The furniture has been stained with nature friendly stains. We offer mainly three colors – honey stain, antique stain and white stain. On doors and drawers are used metal handles.

This is a furniture series which reminds us the old times and style. Lord seems as a modern series, whereas the lower socket creates old-fashion look. Lord is one of our oldest and best selling series.




Lord 23 ant.jpg

Lord 23 antiik, mon stain.jpg

Lord 23 ant.jpg

Lord 23.jpg

Lord 23, mon peits.JPG

Lord 24 - not in production

Lord 25 ant.jpg

Lord 25.jpg

Lord 26 ant.jpg

Lord 26.jpg

Lord 26 vlge.jpg

Lord 27 - not in production

Lord 28 ant.jpg

Lord 28.jpg

Lord 29 - not in production

Lord 30.jpg

Lord 32 - not in production

Lord 33A.jpg

Lord 33 ant.jpg

Lord 33.jpg

Lord 35 ant.jpg

Lord 35.jpg

Lord 37 ant.jpg

Lord 37.jpg

Lord 40.jpg

Lord 40 + Lord 42.jpg

Lord 41.jpg

Lord 41 + Lord 43.jpg

Lord 28 + 30 ant.jpg

Lord 40 +41.jpg

Lord sofa - not in production

Lord bedroom.jpg

Lord corner - not in production

Lord bed 160 ant.jpg

Lord bed 160 with chest.jpg

Lord divanbed 160.jpg

Lo bed 160.jpg