Palmer series include bedroom, kitchen and living-room furniture of pine. Palmer series has been stained with white stain. It is distinguished from other series by carvings, rosettes, antique handles and larger dimensions. Carvings are placed on the edges of the commode and the wardrobes. Also Palmer series tops of the commodes have been stained with Antique stain.

The aim of this series is to strive for a little bit higher price and quality. The difference of Palmer series from the other ones is the following of an old style. Glue timber parts have been made of pine using environmentally friendly (does not have a harmful effect on health) glue.

470 x 910 x 450

910 x 1930 x 420

830 x 900 x 460

910 x 1930 x 420

910 x 1370 x 450

590 x 1930 x 420